Wednesday, January 23, 2008

This week's blog challenge: RECIPE!
We all dig out special recipes during the holidays - some that we ONLY use at holiday time. Why do we make those dishes every year? Where did the recipe originate? Does someone request it? Would it just NOT be the holidays without it? What memories of this recipe do you have from your childhood?
Then there are the stock recipes that we ALWAYS keep ingredients on hand for. What's one of yours? What's your family's favorite dish? What do you ALWAYS make when you have company for dinner? Are you known for a certain recipe that people always request?
Challenge issued by Stacy Kocur
There are definitely some foods that I miss and request from my mom - holiday or not. She lives in Washington state and I really miss her cooking! My mom is Korean and is one of the best cooks I know. One of the main things I ask for is her eggrolls. I even scrapped a page about it. I will have to scan a picture and add it later. Anyway, there's just something special about her seasoning and how she's not chincy with the meat when she makes an eggroll. I mean hello - if I wanted a bland eggroll that's practically vegetarian, I'd go to the Food Court right? My mom's eggrolls are like no other. She is practically famous for them. When she does come to visit she usually makes extra and then we freeze them. Not as good as hot out of the pan, but good!
My family has several favorites, but when it comes to requests during birthdays and such it's always my Chicken Taquitos. Again, the key is to not be chincy with the meet. I have several friends that request this for crops or potlucks and I even made about 250 one time for a girl's graduation. I asked if I could do anything to help with the party and that was her request!
Since we are big foodys in this house, there is so much more I should be mentioning, but I am going to stop because I am already craving these foods now!

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SavedbyGrace said...

mmmm.... your chicken taquitos!! that sounds soooo good.
and yes mom's eggrolls, my in-laws are always getting on me because I never learned how to make moms eggrolls, but in my mind, why set yourself up to fail? right?