Thursday, January 24, 2008

Healthy even tastes better!

I read a quote somewhere that "Nothing tastes as good as thin feels". Well, I think in most cases that would be true, but not tonight. We had such an awesome dinner. I made chicken fajitas. For those that have been keeping up on my blog, you may have noticed our goal of losing weight, eating and thinking healthier, etc. Well, I am happy to report that we are doing very well! We've cut out all blatant sugars, traded white bread, pasta, rice, etc. for brown rice and whole grain, 100% wheat products. We have also been doing very good on drinking lots of water. No soda - not even diet! Here's basically what our fajitas consisted of:

Boneless, skinless chicken tenderloin - grilled in a little EVOO with spices and seasonings

Green, red, and yellow bell pepper

Red onion

Cherry tomatoes

Roma tomatoes

100% Whole wheat tortilla

NO Cheese (that's a hard one for us to control, so I just skipped it tonight)

Light sour cream - just a little

Home-made salsa - I may have outdone myself. It was sooooooooo good!

I am all about home-cooked meals and family eating together, so that has not changed. I am all about flavor and color - that has become better! At first, I think our taste buds were numb from all of the salts, sugars and additives. Now that it's worn off, I feel like there is a whole new world of flavors out there for us to experience. Oh yeah, we love food - but we also want to take care of ourselves. What are you doing or can you do to be healthier with/for your loved ones?


SavedbyGrace said...

I thought fajita's were cut up chicken? anyhow, it sounds good. No cheese? cheese is good for you?
Glad you guys are reaching toward your goal!

Joan said...

Mmmmmmm chicken fajitas. Looks good and healthy. I would have to skip the cheese too. Really with all of those yummy grilled veggies it is easy to skip the cheese.