Wednesday, October 13, 2010

October 12 on 12...FUN DAY!

Well, thanks to a couple friendly reminders...I remembered that it was 12 on 12! I actually had quite the busy day - even though it was all spent at home. The night before was spent at my in-laws home. My brother-in-law and his new wife were down visiting from Washington state. My mother-in-law opted to do a Thanksgiving style dinner and since some of my Canadian friends were celebrating their Thanksgiving, I thought it would be fine! Besides, I'm up for a turkey dinner any time!
So here we go! Won't you come along and see how I spent my day?

This is Hannah, my oldest baby. She will be 15 years old in just 13 days. WOW! I can't believe it. I tried to get a picture of her getting ready for school, but of course I was not successful. Beautiful girl inside and out...such a help to her mama. =)

Here are Taryn and Naomi heading off to school. Do you see their silver limo waiting for them? It looks like it's been raining, but that was from the sprinklers. It was actually very hot on this day. It was over 90 and soooo humid!

I am usually a "clean as you go" person, but this morning I woke up to this in the sink from all I made yesterday. We had to drive an hour away, so I rushed off without cleaning up. We got home so late that I didn't I wish I would've just tackled it. I hate dishes in the sink in the morning. *sigh*

A few of my friends had been asking about getting together to do a craft of some sort, so I had them each decorate a notepad and make a cover for it. It was fun. They brought breakfast and a beautiful fall centerpiece that they made for my table, so I can't complain. =)

We did have quite the house full of kids though. Well, it was only 4 children, but all under the age of THREE? Yeah. That's a house full. LOL Here they are having lunch and living the life of luxury. My son is the most hilarious (choking hazard alert!). He usually HAS to sit at the table. We don't waltz around with food all over the place, but the table was completely covered with craft stuff - so he took full advantage of it!

Here's Taryn, my soon to be 11 year old, busy on her homework. Funny thing. With all the talk about 10/10/10, I got really excited because her birthday is on 11/11... I told her it would be 11/11/11 next year and wouldn't it be great to have a blow out party because she'd be ELEVEN on 11/11/11??? She calmly looked at me and said, "But by then I will be 12"... Doh! "Oh, nevermind then.", says me. hahaha

Look what Naomi brought home today! Her first Kindergarten progress report! Of course she has high marks in all areas. This is my bookworm. She comes home and gets straight to the homework usually. Yes, she has homework every day including Fridays. She does not like to skip a thing. The thought of disappointing her teacher is just unthinkable. My girl! Let's just hope this sticks. =)

So, after homework and dinner were cleared away and the children were settled in to their evening routines, I found some time to finish a little wedding album I was going to give to Jaime and Jessica as a momento of their wedding. Turn the Pandora on, get a cup of coffee and get busy...

It wasn't long before I was called back to the living room. We all had been hearing about the Chilean miners that were trapped so far underground for months. They were finally going to be rescued. I sat there with my children (Marco was out working) and watched through teary eyes as they pulled the first man to the surface. Wow. What a miracle. Thank God for the technology we have, but I am also thankful for the fact that they were able to be in contact with people during this whole time and were able to keep their sanity while they were down there. They each came up with humility and dignity at the same time. I pray that they will not suffer much anguish in the future because of what they endured.

Naomi, who is also my little artist, wanted to paint a picture for a girl who wrote her a letter. This is a picture of them. She did this unassisted.

Well, life can't be all fun and painting and crafting. haha. Thankfully, I am able to stay on top of laundry for 6 people and am almost always caught up. Sure, there's always more - but it does not take over my life like it did when I was working away from home.

Okay. It's the end of the day...and a good one it was. My little guy fell asleep in his pj's on the couch...but then I noticed his feet. Eeeewww. That's worse than the dishes!! Bath first thing in the morning. lol
Well, there it is. I hope you'll join me again next month...How do you spend YOUR days?

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Traci said...

You say ew, but I say they look like very happy feet.. feet that have done a million exciting and fun things that day, lol!