Friday, September 11, 2009

Is this perfect or what?

My friend Sandy also has a daughter named Hannah and she is friends with my Hannah. She came over on Labor Day to have dinner with us and to go swimming. She brought over this basket of oatmeal cookies that she made. She even packed it in this lovely little Longaberger basket and covered it with a dishcloth that she herself knitted. Did I mention that she is only in the 8th grade???
I just love her. A day later I received a handwritten letter (perfect penmanship and letter form) thanking us for having her over and for the good time she had with us.
She loves Laura Ingalls Wilder, Jane Austen and the 1800's. She's beside herself with excitement over a project we are going to do in history class concerning Colonial Times. Ha!
I just love it. She makes me smile.
Thanks for the cookies Hannah. You know I wanted to eat one, but the kids and Pastor Marco didn't mind polishing them off. =] You are an awesome young lady!


Lea said...

Wow, do those cookies look great or what?!! Watch for an email, I have to send you some pictures for this girl.

Vivian said...

What a sweet girl!