Monday, March 16, 2009

Manic Monday...

Are you a saver or spender?
I guess I am a spender, because I never really have anything saved. LOL I will add though, that it is rarely for that better than just blowing through it all because I need some retail therapy? =]
Do you prefer to walk around barefoot in your home? Socks? Shoes?
My family and I prefer to be barefoot. However, some days get pretty cold and most of the house is not carpeted, so.... socks or flip-flops are usually worn.
Do you talk to yourself?
No, I don't talk to myself. Sometimes I feel like I am, because I will ask certain people to do something in the house and it never gets done...but I think that just means I'm being ignored. LOL

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Brynn said...

I could have answered the questions almost word for word how you did (the only exception being I wear socks & we have mainly carpet here).

Too funny!

Lee said...

LOVE the photo! :)

Shabby Olde Potting Shed said...

That photo is hysterical.
Hey girl,
You workin on your green pancakes n green eggs n ham? lolol
The green cream cheese... not sure about that. That's what mine looks like after I forget it in the fridge. heehaoaoaoo
WHAT could we have at STARBUCKS tomorrow? YAWANNA go? BOYOHBOY... you and I both know THEY'D HAFTA HAVE SOMETHING GREEN N GOOD RIGHT? I'll race you there.
On your mark
get set