Friday, May 14, 2010

Sometimes you just need to let go...

that's why I'm drinking herbal tea today, instead of coffee. Ha!
No, seriously. I have been having a little bit of a rough time lately. Just "stuff". The thing is that it's really not my own "stuff" that I've been stressing over. Well, one thing is and that is the fact that we have to move because the house we're renting is being sold.
Anybody have room for a family of 6 and two small dogs?? o_O A little stressed about that!

Anyway, I worry for everyone else. I hurt for my siblings when they hurt. I get angry when I see somebody I love making the same mistakes over and over. I feel betrayed when people you care about and would do anything for, take advantage of your kindness.
So...after much worry, much crying, much sighing, and I'm sure much eye rolling....I'm letting it go. I have to. It's not my thing to be depressed or sad or anxious. It does not suit me.

I've got tea to drink now... Have a great day and KEEP IT REAL!


SavedbyGrace said...

i love you sis

shirley said...

Breathe and know that you are taken care of.

Tracy said...

You were a blessing from God to me today!

The Ballengers said...

I've been there myself. The last year has been like that for me too. Once you really DO let go of some or all of it though, it is refreshing and very freeing. I finally came to the conclusion that I truly couldn't do anything to help the situation - no one was listening to me anyway, so I was going to just let it go....and smile. Not an easy step (giving up yet another bit of "control")....but so worthwhile in terms of living peacefully within.
Love you. Love your candid nature. Love your transparency.
- Rachel