Monday, April 12, 2010

April 12 of 12...

Didn't think there'd be much to document since it was going to be a "regular" school day, but then I realized that's what this project is all about. It's supposed to capture my day - regardless of what my schedule is. So... here we go. Just a little glimpse because I didn't get started until I got to school and then faded out somewhere toward the end.... =)

This is my special girl Hannah. She stops by to see me between classes sometimes. Love her so much!

My student Hannah was very excited to get this souvenir from someone who recently went to Haiti. She wants to be a missionary to Haiti one day. She's another special Hannah.

Just a few of my 8th graders in a study group during history. I teach some of the most awesome students in the world.

Here's another one of my students. Lane is showing us the proper technique (according to him) for stretching before a run. He cracks me up.

This is what one side of the sky looked like outside of the school today.

This is what the other side looked like. Crazy and cool, huh?

Here's my little Marco and Naomi after school in my class. They are enjoying a little snack. Naomi is in K-4 and Little Marco is in daycare here at the school. I enjoy having him close by.

This is one of their favorite activities in the afternoon. They play while I catch up on grading or lesson plans.

Speaking of's one of the tests that I was grading.

Had to get a snapshot of Danielle. She is the daughter of one of my best friends. I wish the camera did justice to her big blue eyes, but her smile and freckles are definitely represented here!

Not sure what happened, but this was the last shot today. Hannah had a game and I started out taking pics here and there, but then the game got so exciting I must've put my camera away. I know!! What was I thinking??
Anyway, there you go. By this time it is usually after 6 and we are headed home to figure out what's for dinner or run errands. It is always a full day, but I am always reminded at the end of the day how blessed I am.

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SavedbyGrace said...

was that nicole's little sister? She's a doll! I enjoyed reading about your busy day. Mine is busy but in a different way i guess. like making sure I catch up on all my Grey's and you know important stuff :)