Monday, August 24, 2009

16 Years and Counting...

My husband and I celebrated 16 years of marriage on the 21st. Since we've been married, he's always tried to plan a little getaway or activity for us to spend a special time together. There were years when we just spent a nice dinner out somewhere, but usually, it's some top secret thing that he'd been working on for weeks in advance.
I love that about him. He really does try to think of things that we'd both enjoy together. This year was no exception. He took me to beautiful Santa Barbara for a few days. It was lovely and so needed.

We wanted to spend the day on the beach together, but it was rather chilly the first day, so he rented beach cruisers and we rode up and down the beach front for an hour. It was the BEST!!! I had not ridden a bike in almost 20 years. I felt so free. I could've ridden all day. This was a great motivator for me to keep working on getting "in shape"...round is a shape, right? Anyway, I really felt good and it reminded me that running felt that way once for me...
We laughed so much as we rode along!

Everything around us was more beautiful than usual.

What a great guy. I am so thankful that he picked me! =]

We reminisced about the last 16 years. Talked about all that we went through and all that the Lord had in store for us in the future.
We talked about our children and all that we could do to help them.
Our life is not perfect, but it's pretty close, most of the time.
Song of Solomon 2:16a ~My beloved is mine, and I am his...


Trish said...

Happy Anniversary! I found your beautiful blog via Denise, and so glad I did! I really enjoyed reading the things you've shared.
Have a wonderful day :-)

SavedbyGrace said...

that's awesome Sis! Marco always makes great plans.
It looks like you guys had a lot of fun =)

Menjiness said...

Ok that is it, I need a beach cruiser and not the bike I have been using. Check my blog for that funny story.


Yolanda said...

Happy Anniversary and what a precious time together, refreshing and lavishing.


shirley said...

Happy belated anniversary Sherry! I love Santa Barbara, and what a great way to see it. Wonderful pictures!

Lea said...

I'm so glad yall had such a wonderful time together Sherry. I absolutely ADORE the picture of you riding that bike!!!!!!!!!!!!
Hope schools going well!
Blessings my friend!

Traci said...

Hi Sherri! I'm so glad you had a great time with your sweetheart! Your anniversary is my birthday, so it's an all around great day.

I hope you're doing well!